Premium Granite Slab Is Among GTA’s Favourites

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For centuries, granite slab has been the go-to premium surfacing material for homes around the world. It’s the most popular choice for homeowners looking for durable countertops and surfaces that will last a lifetime. Granite is available in countless colour and pattern combinations, which make it simple to fit into any home decor. While it may seem a little more expensive initially, the true value of granite slab comes from its longevity and incredible natural beauty. There are countless options available for those renovating or remodelling a home, but for anyone looking to add permanent elegance and sophistication, premium granite is the clear choice.

Strong and Durable

Granite is among the most resilient premium building materials on the planet. It’s resistant to chips and scratches and can stand up to the heat of pots and pans in the kitchen. Substantially stronger than laminate or wood countertops, granite is the best possible choice for those seeking a natural surfacing material able to withstand the wear and tear of modern family life.

Countertops and Beyond

Granite is perfect for kitchen and bathroom countertops, but don’t limit its use to those two things. It’s an outstanding natural stone able to handle any weather conditions, which makes granite slabs a great choice for outdoor kitchens, walkways, and even around the pool. It’s also an excellent material with which to make matching islands, dining tables, and end tables for the living room to bring a design plan together. Granite is also an outstanding material for vanities, fireplace hearths, and flooring.


Premium granite slabs are some of the easiest surfaces to keep clean. They’re naturally anti-microbial, and for day-to-day use, a simple wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s required to keep the material looking its best. For more in-depth cleaning sessions, a little warm soapy water is more than enough. Granite tends to be slightly porous, and as such, it’s a good idea to seal it with a natural stone sealer about once a year.


When it comes to premium surfacing materials, it’s hard to beat the natural beauty of granite. Its patterns and colours are formed over thousands of years, and each slab is completely unique. Any artist would be hard pressed to match the stunning beauty of natural stone products, and unlike many works of art, they last a lifetime.
Each premium granite slab can offer is a durable masterpiece able to bring decades of service and value to any homeowner. With simple maintenance and outstanding versatility, it’s no wonder that people have been choosing granite for centuries. To get your granite slab project off to the best possible start, be sure to contact only the most reputable and well-stocked natural stone supplier in the GTA. Their vast inventory and attention to the needs of their customers will help to ensure that only the right natural stone slab is chosen and installed in your unique home. Browsing online is a great option for those with time constraints, but to really get the best feel for natural stone, head on over to a reliable retailer with a great showroom and large stone yard. You’ll be sure to find something that strikes your fancy.